Secure Web Gateway (SWG) blocks malware in real time so that a business will never have to lose access to important information or worry about where the information might end up.

Malware is now delivered in as pieces of a single code, spread across a web page, that is undetectable to regular anti-malware software. Trustwave’s SWG tool is able to find the broken-up code, see it as malware, and remove it all before delivering to the user in a seamless fashion.

Trustwave’s Secure Web Gateway offers a 100% ZERO-Malware guarantee (restrictions apply).

Zero Malware Guarantee Terms (103K PDF)

Together, the Trustwave Secure Web Gateway (SWG) and Trustwave Secure Email Gateway (SEG) tools provide a triple threat approach that combines anti-malware protection, messaging security, and data loss prevention.


Product Highlights:

Advanced Malware Protection
Legacy, signature-based perimeter technologies leave a large gap in malware defense. SWG bridges that divide with real-time code analysis and dynamic URL categorization to evaluate the composition of an entire web page and determine the intent of that page and its script and software components. Secure Web Gateway strips out any malware and delivers the repaired page to users, so they can remain productive.

Data Loss Prevention
SWG scans inbound and outbound communication and identifies data-stealing malware, including keyloggers, trojans and rootkits. Furthermore, it creates policy, enforces rules and prevents users from posting sensitive data to cloud drives, social media sites or sending it over webmail.

Application/Social Media Control
To allow end users safe and productive use of the web, Trustwave SWG allows granular control of Facebook, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, Amazon Drive, Apple iCloud Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn. Google+.

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