Security Scanning and Testing

Our managed security service aims to protect your business against threats now and in the future. Your business is only as strong as your weakest link (i.e. user). Data security teams need to know what they’re protecting and what they’re protecting it from to make good risk management decisions and technology investments. Security testing helps businesses identify their network-connected assets, learn how those assets are vulnerable to attack, and understand what could happen if those assets were compromised.

Trustwave’s Managed Security Testing can be utilized by businesses as a single platform for all of their managed vulnerability assessment, database security testing, network penetration testing, and application penetration testing needs.

Did you know?
71% of compromise victims did not detect breaches themselves*
70% of young workers regularly ignore IT policies**

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Standardize scalable, repeatable scanning and testing
You’ll know exactly what to expect from Managed Security Testing across your databases, networks and applications with clear pricing and pre-defined scoping. Consolidate management and reporting with a single pane of glass, rather than juggling multiple inconsistent report formats and tracking spreadsheets.

Make budget planning easier and operationalize testing costs
Many IT security professionals know that they will need security testing throughout the year, but not exactly how much. Managed Security Testing’s pre-scoped scans and tests, cost transparency and flex-spend consumption model make planning easier and more precise. You define your security budget and then allocate it as you see fit. With quarterly payments, penetration testing becomes a predictable operating expense that can be built into your budgets.

Establish or maintain compliance
Standards, such as the PCI DSS, require vulnerability scanning and penetration testing of in-scope network environments and applications. Managed Security Testing helps fulfill PCI DSS requirements, such as 6.6 and 11.3, and provides ongoing evaluation of the security of your networks or applications to support HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), FISMA and GLBA/FFIEC compliance efforts.

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