RootSecure’s risk assessment products constantly probe your network, monitor your connected devices and test your organization’s social engineering resilience, providing a qualified, real-time view into your cyber risks and letting you focus your actions.

RootSecure quantifies cyber and data risk, arming information technology and security teams with real-time, actionable insight from comprehensive and continuous vulnerability assessment of networks, devices, and people.


RootSecure Reach

RootSecure Reach arms you with actionable insight from continuous risk assessment of network vulnerabilities, gained by combining external and onsite vulnerability scanning with log analysis.

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RootSecure Scout

RootSecure Scout extends visibility inside devices, with continuous host-based monitoring to reveal threats and user behavior that put your organization at risk.

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RootSecure Echo

RootSecure Echo is a turnkey social engineering simulator that measures your organization’s susceptibility to human fallibility and risky behavior.

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