Reach continuously scans your network, cataloging your core infrastructure, equipment/peripherals, workstations, Internet of Things (IoT) and personal (i.e., BYOD) devices – anything IP-connected – and looking for vulnerabilities resulting from misconfigurations, outdated software, and other risk vectors. Reach can also take in logs from other equipment (e.g., firewalls), broadening your visibility into other potential risks.
Reach allows you to:

  • Understand your cyber risk posture
  • Take informed, prioritized action to reduce exposure
  • Meet industry compliance requirements

Product Highlights:

Continuous Risk Scanning
Ongoing scans, rather than occasional ones, avoid risky delays in security awareness by keeping constant watch utilizing multiple scanning engines and internal/external scanning.

Proactive Risk Monitoring
Information provided by Reach is constantly analyzed in the RootSecure Cloud with threat analysis, anomaly detection and machine learning algorithms that proactively alert you to new risks.

Automatic Updates and Deployment Flexibility
Software and vulnerability feeds update automatically, for zero- maintenance management. The on premise sensor is quickly and easily deployed out-of-band as either a physical appliance or virtual machine.

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