Managed Security


Canadian Business Statistics


fear reputational damage following a cyberattack

rely on their own internal resources and do not employ external managed security providers or skilled professionals


feel pressure to update and expand digital security from their boards, owners and C-level executives


see cloud technologies as the most important area to adopt and deploy managed security solutions


Why Managed Security?


Uniserve Enterprise has brought together the best in class security products and services in order to provide your business with the security coverage required to meet the demands of your market. Our managed security services, powered by Trustwave, are completely flexible to provide you with what you need to help ensure your business, no matter the size, is protected.

The goal for our managed security and cybersecurity services is to minimize business risk. Our products and services build on your business’s current technology by protecting IT, data and users from potential threats. We deliver industry leading managed service solutions for a variety of businesses ranging from local and small to large and global.

We provide:

  • Data-backed solutions to analyze, measure,
    and correct behaviour
  • Best in class tools and vendors
  • Unique setups focused on you and your business

Our solutions:

  • Threat Management – mitigate, scan, protect, respond
  • Vulnerability Management – find and eliminate
  • Database Management – protecting sensitive data
Who is Trustwave?
Trustwave helps businesses fight cybercrime, protect data and reduce security risk. With more than 3 million businesses enrolled in the Trustwave TrustKeeper platform across 96 countries, our partner, Trustwave, will help ensure that your business is protected no matter the size.


Uniserve Solutions Powered By Trustwave


Uniserve Enterprise has combined the best in class technology partners to provide a solution-based portfolio. With advanced threat detection through Trustwave, we can protect your business against malware, email threats, and more from a broad security portfolio.

Secure Web Gateway
Secure Email Gateway

We are providing our clients with the most advanced malware protection tool to keep vital data safe. The Secure Web Gateway (SWG) and Secure Email Gateway (SEG) tools provide a triple threat approach that combines anti-malware protection, messaging security, and data loss prevention.

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We understand that our clients want to keep their ever-expanding amounts of digital information safe from unwanted tampering or access. Trustwave Database Security products will provide our clients more protection than other security tools on the market by tackling external and internal gaps.

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Security Scanning
& Testing

Our managed security service aims to protect your business against threats now and in the future. Your business is only as strong as your weakest link (i.e. user). Our penetration testing and compliance measures provide you and your users the knowledge and tools to defend against incoming cybersecurity threats.

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