Why Managed Security?


Uniserve Enterprise has brought together the best-in-class security products with the coverage required to meet the demands of your market. Our Managed Security services, powered by RootSecure and Trustwave, are completely flexible and complementary to help ensure your business, no matter the size, is protected.

The goal for our Managed Security and cybersecurity services is to minimize business risk. Our products and services build on your business’s current technology by protecting IT, data, and users from potential threats. We deliver industry leading Managed Services solutions, including Managed Security, for a variety of businesses ranging from local and small to large and global.

We provide:
  • Data-backed solutions to analyze, measure, and
    correct behaviour
  • Best-in-class tools and vendors
  • Unique setups focused on you and your business
Our solutions:
  • Risk Assessment – Quantified risk from continuous assessment of network, devices and people
  • Data Security – Advanced malware and threat protection
  • Database Management – Vulnerability Assessment


Cybersecurity Statistics


rely on their own internal resources and do not employ external managed security providers or skilled professionals
see cloud technologies as the most important area to adopt and deploy managed security solutions
feel pressure to update and expand digital security from their boards, owners and C-level executives
fear reputational damage following a cyberattack


Uniserve Managed Security Solutions


Reach arms you with actionable insight from continuous risk assessment of network vulnerabilities, gained by combining external and onsite vulnerability scanning with log analysis.

Scout extends visibility inside devices, with continuous host-based monitoring to reveal threats that put your organization at risk. The data gathered can be used in anomaly detection and machine learning-enabled predictive algorithms.

Echo is a turnkey social engineering simulator that measures your organization’s susceptibility to human fallibility and risky behaviour. Email phishing simulations can be pushed to employees to test for vulnerability.

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Secure Web Gateway
Secure Web Gateway (SWG) blocks malware in real time so that a business will never have to lose access to important information or worry about where the information may go.

Secure Email Gateway
Secure Email Gateway (SEG) provides a single, scalable solution that comes outfitted with advanced protection against modern threats, powerful policy configuration, and in-depth data security and compliance management.

Database Security
Database Security (DBSS) employs vulnerability scans that help ensure your current data cannot be breached through other channels or access points to prevent improper access or leakage of sensitive data.

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Additional Solutions