Is Your IoT Strategy Creating Security Holes?

Our new report shows major discrepancies between IoT adoption and cybersecurity practices.

Download and read the report to discover:

  • The harsh disconnect between IoT adoption and security practices and strategies.
  • Popular cyberattacks attributable to connected devices.
  • Overall confidence levels for detecting IoT-related incidents.
  • Challenges in IoT security evaluation, testing and management.
  • Methods used to vet the security of connected devices, and which are most valuable.
  • Best practices for implementing – and developing – IoT technologies.

Data is now the undisputed lifeblood of organizations in all industries. The more data that can be transformed into useful information and applied, the greater your competitive edge.

IoT’s promise of delivering revolutionary insight and new perspectives into operations through a mass network of interconnected devices has businesses clamoring to implement it and manufacturers hastily pushing products to market. But the urgency to capitalize on IoT has given rise to lax security practices and fundamentals, opening the doors to potentially devastating cyberattacks at organizations like yours. Trustwave commissioned industry analyst firm Osterman Research to produce the IoT Cybersecurity Readiness Report, based on a survey of large and midsize businesses, covering a wide range of industries, to examine their use of IoT technologies and challenges around adoption and security planning.

Both IoT implementers and vendors can benefit from this report, as we rapidly move toward an era when virtually all devices will be internet-enabled.

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