We understand that our clients want to keep their ever-expanding amounts of digital information safe from unwanted tampering or access. Trustwave’s Database Security System (DBSS) will provide our clients more protection than other security tools on the market. By employing vulnerability scans, DBSS ensures that your current data cannot be breached through other channels or access points to prevent improper access or leakage of sensitive data. Databases are threatened by both external attacks and internal gaps. Default and weak passwords contribute to database leakage, much of which goes undetected.
Did you know?
76% of organizations experienced data breaches in 2015*
$4 million is the average total cost of a data breach**

*CyberEdge: 2016 CyberThreat Defense Report,
**Ponemon: 2016 Cost of a Data Breach Study

Product Highlights:

Trustwave AppDetectivePRO:
Trustwave AppDetectivePRO is a database vulnerability assessment software that our clients can use to identify and remediate vulnerabilities, configuration errors, rogue installations, and access issues in their database deployments. Through its simple setup and easy-to-use interface, you can immediately discover, assess, and report on the security, risk, or compliance posture of any database or big data store within your environment (on premise or in the cloud) in minutes.

Trustwave DbProtect:
Trustwave DbProtect is a database security software that helps our clients prevent database breaches with database activity monitoring and vulnerability assessment. The assessment includes identifying database vulnerabilities, configuration errors, rogue installations, and access issues. The software can perform blocking, locking, and termination functions when malicious activity is detected.

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